Videoleap for Windows

Lightricks Launches Videoleap app, A Video Editing App with Keyframe Animations, Layers, Masking and Chroma Key Features.

Lightricks Launches its First Video Editing App for Free on iOS Devices. Introduces Advanced Windows Editing Features Built for A Powerful, Fast, and Seamless Mobile Experience.

Videoleap for computer has inherited the easy-to-use interface users love and is introducing features formerly reserved to sophisticated software that could only be navigated by skilled professionals.

Highlighted Features:

  • Keyframe Animations
  • Layers
  • Chroma Key
  • Blending & Masking
  • Color Adjustments

How to use Videoleap on Windows devices

Videoleap for Windows has millions of fans and quite its trendy, you can rely on the great features it will provide for you and you will be able to do anything to a video or any kind of a looped video.

Download Videoleap for laptop

Videoleap on Mac
Videoleap app running on a laptop

So, why would you want to download Videoleap app for PC?

Videoleap for PC is so much fun you wouldn’t believe it. With few tabs on your small computer you can transform your boring video into something really great and creative.

The bad news

Videoleap online app was never actually developed for Windows. It is intentionally developed as a “pocket premier pro” application which, well… edit photos with different kinds of effects and there were no need for it to be developed for PC. I can hardly imagine the developers imagining someone going in the mountain with their laptop and taking a selfie or animating photos…

The good news

You CAN run Videoleap, but in order for you to be able to get Enlight Videoleap for PC, you need to use an Android emulator called Bluestacks or why you just do try “the real” Premier PRO to edit your amazing photos on your laptop.

Click here to understand how to download Videoleap for PC.